Our Location

Our Location

Surrounded by four access roads and next to Kampala’s major banking halls, Uganda post office, shopping malls - Cham Towers, Uganda Parliament and Government offices.


Firstly, go to our hotel's web site (https://www.hbtrusselhotelkampala.com/en/). HBT Russell Hotel in Kampala provides accurate information on how to reach the hotel, often with a printable map showing the walking path needed to get there from the closest Uganda Post Office stop.

The current map of all the Kampala City routes is available online at the Google Maps / Bing Maps Website.

Before leaving, have a look at our Kampala hotel map to check which is the easiest itinerary and the best mean of transportation to reach HBT Russell Hotel you booked.

There are several ways to get to Kampala from Entebbe International Airport in Entebbe Town (40 KM drive away).

Arriving by car or coach at the bus station at Namayiba Park Terminal  at Rashid Khamis Rd, near Kisseka Market,  Again our Hotel is 12 min (2.4 km) drive via Kampala Road from the Namayiba Bus terminal. HBT Russell Hotel has its own parking area on the front of the hotel or in the main parking area. Again, if you wish, there is private taxis which will take you from the bus terminal in Namayiba to HBT Russell Hotel for a fee, remember this fee can be for the whole trip (1-3 persons) and not per passenger.

From Entebbe International Airport: Take a private airport taxi service from the airport to our HBT Russell Hotel in Kampala and this will cost you between $30-$40, 1-3 persons, one-way

If you would like the hotel to arrange airport transportation from/to Entebbe Airport and our hotel, let our team know at the time of your booking. Guests already staying, these can be booked at the reception desk.